Anthony Uccello

Professional Programmer

Anthony Uccello

Professional Frontend Developer

3+ years experience with two published games and an application on iOS and Android

email: / phone: 416.999.1525


  Work Experience


Lead iOS & Android Programmer Sept 2014 - Current

  • Responsible for all client side code for iOS and Android and developed all native features for both platforms in tandem
  • Developed native environment for iOS and Android to work with front end (which was built with Cordova & JavaScript)
  • Created AutoUI system for both iOS and Android (avoiding numerous issues with XML and Storyboarding) which allowed artists to create detailed views with a simple JSON file (and it would work for every iOS and Android screen size)
  • Architected and programmed a GPS monitor that would track (and differentiate between) the users walking, running, and biking activities in the background and save the data (it would also detect if the user was in a car and disregard it) and display it to the user in
  • Made use of Android’s ‘Service’ class for GPS which allowed the GPS to monitor the users activities an unbound background process and facilitated communication via broadcasts (a similar result was achieved using iOS’s deferred updates API) to avoid concurrency issues
  • Created multi-faceted photo-editor that features pinch-zooming, filters, multi-image layouts, rearranging photos, and text overlays
  • Developed highly efficient asynchronous operations while also avoiding concurrency issues and juggling complex memory constraints
  • Rewrote large portions of Cordova into Swift and ensured compatibility up to iOS 9
  • Fixed numerous bugs in Cordova source code
  • Fixed a wide array of Android bugs specific to both phones and their operating system
  • Created plugins for playing audio, social sharing, and numerous other native features (such as push notifications)
  • Integrated Facebook's Buck tool for Android which reduced our build times from over 3 minutes to under 5 seconds
  • Clipwire Games

    Front-end Developer - March 2013 - Sept 2014

  • Client and server side programming (RESTful & JSON) for 2D and 3D games
  • Programmed 50% of Critter Conquest (AS3) for Facebook and then ported it to iOS (Objective-C)
  • Designed custom push-notification system that worked with the server for Critter Conquest on iOS (PHP and Objective-C)
  • Integrated social mechanics (such as Open Graph) and push-notifications for the Facebook build of Critter Conquest
  • Programmed 50% of Redshift (C#) including complex algorithms like path-finding and multi-projectile-management
  • Created an ‘Auto-Sprite’ system that allowed extremely fast view class design and cut production time down for view classes by 50%
  • Worked with and managed programmers and artists (3D and 2D) to get game features production ready (team size up to 5)
  • Manager and mentor for 2 junior programmers and was responsible for teaching them the ‘Auto-Sprite’ system as well as type-table management
  • Optimized user experience and designed tutorials to get over 50% 1 day retention for Critter Conquest
  • Created highly efficient algorithms to keep frame rates over 30 for mobile devices (including but not limited to, 3D & 2D path-finding, AI, target selection, resource distribution, draw calls, and animations)
  • Balanced all aspects of Critter Conquest including (but not limited to) unit attributes, game economy, ranking system
  • Managed over 100 type-tables on the c server using PHP and MySQL (user data was stored with DynamoDB)
  •   Education


    University of Waterloo (4 Years Course) - Graduation May 2007

    Double major program in chemistry and biology, with a heavy focus on advanced mathematics (physics, algebra, thermodynamics, and calculus). Graduated with honors. Transcript available upon request.

    Game Design

    RCC Institute of Technology (18 Month Course) - Graduation December 2012

    Game design program that covered all aspects of designing and making a game. Program Highlights: Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Adobe Flash, C, C++, C#, AS3. Graduated on Presidents List. Transcript available upon request. Cumulative Average: 93%



    • 90% Complete
      Swift 90%
    • 90% Complete
      C# 90%
    • 85% Complete
      Java 85%
    • 80% Complete
      Objective-C 80%
    • 80% Complete
      AS3 80%
    • 70% Complete
      C/C++ 70%
    • 65% Complete
      PHP 65%
    •    Architecture

      • 100% Complete
        OOP 100%
      • 100% Complete
        MVC 100%
      • 95% Complete
        Unity 95%
      • 90% Complete
        Xcode 90%
      • 90% Complete
        Android Studio 90%
      • 80% Complete
        Adobe Flash Builder 80%



    1086 Pape Ave. Toronto Ontario M4K 3W5




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